What happens to our body when we don’t have sex?

Not having sex can be bad, very bad. In this article we are going to talk about this important topic. Click here for sex shop.


According to Cooper, since human beings are born, they use skin-to-skin contact to feel safe and comforted. In addition, with this gesture, the individual regulates his mood . If you were wondering, yes, you are more likely to suffer depression if you reduce the physical contact of your life. Visit this site for sexyshop.

Libido may decrease … or soar

The absence of a partner, optionally or imposed by the casuistry, can seriously affect the libido. According to the investigation, some people end up losing interest in seeking sex, and others run the risk of not being able to remove this issue from their heads until they have settled it.

Stress increases

Less stressed people tend to have more sex; although this is an association, not a cause and effect. In turn, a Scottish study showed that people who had sex had a lower level of blood pressure than those who did not.

seeking sex

Intelligence decreases

Two studies, from the University of Maryland and the University of South Korea, suggest that sex improves brain function and cell growth. In relation, we can conclude that chastity does not contribute to anything, that is, it does not make you more stupid but it does not make you smarter.

You are less likely to get STDs

Obviously, if you do not have sex, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases decrease dramatically.

Major conditions in the female genitals

With the passage of time, lack of sex can cause problems such as weakening of the vaginal wall, decrease in the level of lubrication of the vagina and more severe menstrual cramps.